Push to Ban Conversion Therapy

21 year-old Caleb Laieski, urges over 10,000 officials to join the effort to ban the use of “pray away the gay” therapy on youth.

Have you ever heard of “pray away the gay” or “conversion therapy?” Conversion therapy refers to the practice to change and help “cure” someone’s sexual orientation. Did you know that 46 states allow the use of this practice?

Laieski who is a National Advocate has sent emails to every State Representative, State Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, First Lady, State Department of Health (and) Mental Health Director, Member of Congress, and U.S. Senator in the United States — and their key staff.

From: Caleb Laieski <caleb.michael.laieski@gmail.com>
Subject: Ban Conversion Therapy

As an elected leader, I urge you to ensure legislation is introduced and passed to ban damaging conversion therapy.

Conversion therapy refers to the practice to change and help “cure” someone’s sexual orientation. Sadly, this practice is used on minors, who have no legal authority to make their own medical decisions. These practices lead to depression, decreased self-esteem, substance abuse, suicidal behavior, and frequently result in suicide. That is why physiological, medical, and counseling associations are against this practice.

The associations also agree that this practice is ineffective, as well as extremely harmful, and damaging to individuals that go through these programs. A few of these organizations include: The American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers, and the World Health Organization.

Without question, there is very clear evidence that conversion therapy does not work and only traumatizes patients more. Several states have passed laws banning licensed therapists from subjecting minors to such treatment, and I urge you to join the movement. Please introduce and pass legislation that prohibits state-licensed mental healthcare providers from advertising or providing “conversion therapy” or “pray away the gay” therapy to anyone under the age of eighteen.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Caleb Laieski
National Advocate for the LGBT Community, Public Safety, and the Environment
http://www.caleblaieski.com / Caleb@CalebLaieski.com


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