Caleb Laieski · Prevent Suicide

What are the ways to Prevent Suicide?

Suicide attempt is becoming problem for our society. Millions of people commit suicide in the world and if we try to find to find the reason for that then it will be numerous such reasons which can be taken care with the guidance and support of their families and friends. Suicide cases are mostly observe in Youth. Life is a struggle and you will be facing difficulties in order to get survive. As the nature law says toughest will be survive and that’s what generally happens. When you lose your self-confidence and confined everything within yourself then you are more prone to self- destruction. Surely, you do not want to lose your dear ones. There are some ways shared by  Caleb Laieski a leading national advocate for anti-bullying, LGBT rights and suicide prevention to prevent suicide.


Take Control of Your Thinking

Our thoughts has significant effect on our metal ability to think. People who think positive has less tendency to commit suicide or even think about it. Negativity thinking always lead a person to a dark tunnel where there is no light of hope. If you can differentiate between right and wrong then solution is around the corner. Stay positive, think positive and you will see change in your personality.

Share your thoughts with someone

Some people hesitate in talking to others about their problem and state of mind. It always good to talk to someone about your suicide feeling. Share your burden and believe me, your problem will be half solved.  Suicide makes individual to live in isolation however when you share it with your parents, friends or anyone you trust, you feel more relaxed and relieved.

Forget your Past Pain, Hurt and Disappointment

Do not hold your past bad experiences with a person and job. Holding your past make you disappointed. Start your day with new mind set. Which has happened can never be tailored so it is not of any worth to hold your past. Start a fresh day with a fresh mind.

Get the Medical Help

Anybody can have any health problem and we always see to doctor for getting medical help to cure that disease. Likewise if you have noticed any suicide signs or warning signs then immediately talk to your doctor. Ask as many questions you want to ask to come out from that state of mind. You doctor will definitely help you out.

 Do not let others control of your life. Talk to yourself more instead of listening to yourself. Feed positive thoughts to your mind. Realize the beauty of life. Life is not meant to end in this way. Enjoy company of your parents, friends and relatives. Open up your heart with them. Laugh loudly.Think well and Stay Healthy. Life never gives a second chance to anyone.


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