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Highlighted in Human Rights Gallery

Advocate Caleb Laieski had the honor to learn that his efforts are featured in the Center for Civil and Human Right’s gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Caleb Laieski
Caleb Laieski

( — November 2, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — Bringing citizens together to make communities stronger is a concept that many people struggle with. Figuring out ways to engage people and have them provide volunteer efforts may have taken a huge leap recently, thanks to the efforts of noted advocate and activist Caleb Laieski. The former 911 dispatcher has developed a national push to get more people involved in volunteerism projects across the country. “One question many of us ask is ‘how can we make this world a better place?’” says Caleb. “Our proposal for this volunteerism initiative can help empower communities as their citizens come together to support valuable causes.” To learn more about Caleb and his work on the national advocacy stage, visit

As the fundamental core of the volunteerism initiative, Laieski is proposing that volunteers receive tax credits on state or Federal taxes based on the number of hours of community service performed. For example, donating 100 hours of volunteer time to community efforts would result in a tax credit based on those hours. Volunteer hours could take many forms, including supporting local charities like animal shelters and homeless facilities to cleaning up litter, assisting with church programs, serving meals to the disadvantaged, and many more options. This gives volunteers the flexibility to provide time and effort to the causes that mean the most to them, helping to improve the communities in which those volunteers live.

Caleb Laieski is no stranger to national advocacy efforts. For this initiative, he has sent approximately 20,000 emails to every state representative, state senator, Governor’s office, and Member of the U.S. Congress. In addition, he has contacted each U.S. Senator’s office, including each Senator’s senior staff, as well as senior staffers at the White House. He has also reached out to the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign for their support. He has received a lot of positive feedback from the email barrage; hundreds of email responses from state officials indicate that there is substantial interest in getting legislation launched to support local volunteerism efforts. “The proposal will increase volunteerism, provide financial incentives to get more folks engaged, and help organizations and people that are in desperate need of assistance,” says Caleb. For more information on his efforts in the Center for Civill and Human Right’s gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, visit

About Caleb Laieski

Noted activist Caleb Laieski has won the respect of his peers for championing LGBT causes and for working tirelessly to develop support for anti-bullying and non-discrimination protections for students throughout the country. Caleb has met with the President of the United States and with hundreds of legislators on the state and Federal levels to build awareness and advocacy for the Federal Student Non-Discrimination Act. By offering up his own personal experiences, he has helped empower others to tell their stories in support of individual rights.

Caleb Laieski

16400 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, California 16400
United States
(202) 754-2268

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